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With the dental industry being shut down for 3 months, the desire of all providers to start to do dentistry is extreme. However, the CDC and the ADA have made many recommendations for dentists to follow in order to be deemed as safe to open.

One of those recommendations is the installation of "sneeze shields". WE HAVE THEM.

You can buy them on our site, or one of our salespeople can visit you to take measurements. They have different features and provide different protection. 

If you would like our field engineer to visit, send us an email to and include your name, address, email, address and cell phone and we will call to make an appointment to see you, today! 

Personal Freestanding Sneeze Guard Desk & Counters, Acrylic W/Base (pictured here) 32x24H.

Our custom guard is made with a lower and wider opening that accommodates passing of papers and documents with better droplet protection and is thicker and sturdier. Price based on accurate measurement. Delivery of the standard shield can from 7 days to 2 weeks, depending on availablility.

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