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ProSpray™ wipes

Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner and Wipes

More wipes for your buck. Clorox and Lysol Give You 75 wipes.                                     Prospray Wipes are 240 wipes per canister and cost less. Sold by The Case.

Also in 175 wipe canisters. Sold by the case. Germs are all over. Get rid of them.  In stock. No waiting to disinfect. 

Fast Disinfecting Power:
THREE Minutes to Kill TB and Other Organisms.

  • Alcohol-free, ammonium-free and bleach-free actives are best choice for plastics, vinyls and metals.

User-Friendly Water Based Formula:
Hard on Germs, Not on Hands or Equipment!

  • So safe it is EPA approved for use without gloves (in absence of biohazards).
  • Light lemon scent and deodorizer are more pleasant for healthcare workers and patients.
  • Ideal for disinfection around electronics, keyboards, digital radiographic sensors and switches.
  • Perfect for “high touch” surfaces in waiting areas implicated in transmission of the flu: door knobs, chairs, hand rails and phones.

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