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DoctorsDisinfectants, formed buy a number of licensed healthcare professionals who understand that in this time of emergency and national concern, there is a significant lack of real knowledge about prevention and mitigation of infection.

There is a significant push toward retail solutions and claims of protection from infection and mortality while making claims of efficacy based on the slightest associated benefits. Whereas the EPA lists 365 products claiming to be disinfectants, not all are fit for day to day consumer use. Too strong, too toxic, not lethal enough, not convenient. Yet what is sold is popularized by fancy ad campaigns and billions spent on marketing, yet many of these products are over- priced and do not work as well as other products.

How do you know what works?

As educated professionals who understand microbial disease processes and have practiced under ideal antiseptic conditions,  our mission is to get you the best products for the eradication and control of microbes that will otherwise infect your life and cause immeasurable harm and even death. Germs are everywhere. Some are good. Many are bad and left uncontrolled will lead to death (Ebola, Legionnaire’s, Flu Virus, SARS. Rhinovirus). Others are a nuisance and may not lead to death (Acne, Cold Sores, e-Coli, Salmonella).

And then there is Covid-19. How do you really protect yourself and your family?  Some products are too caustic. Some are poisonous. Some work better than others. Do you know what works?

We make a supreme effort to provide and market what works best for our customers and creates great economy.

Our education, years of experience in running healthcare facilities, buying products and using them for years to keep our staff, our patients and ourselves free from infection gives us a leg up on what works. We can now give you the benefit of those years of extensive experience, knowledge and research to provide products that work very well and do not deplete your pocket book. 

You benefit from our experience.

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