High Volume Aerosol Suction
High Volume Aerosol Suction

High Volume Aerosol Suction

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Highest CFM in the industry

With its sleek office design and quiet operation, it is amazing that it has so much power.

Large wet/dry shop vacs commonly max out at 150 CFM.

The OCTOdent Aerosol Suction XT tops out at a blistering 200 CFM. For average operatory size OCTOdent's 6-stage UltraHEPA™ H13 filtration has been shown in laboratory settings to filter down to 0.003 microns.

The UltraHEPA™ traps and filters out dirt, dust, moisture, debris, particulates, mercury vapors, BPA particles, bacteria, fungi, prions and small viruses like COVID-19.

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