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Hand Sanitizers. Real or Fake?

I was in the supermarket the other day looking for baking products. I like to bake once in a while, mostly because I like to eat. As I was wending my way up and down the aisles, I passed several displays offering various products related to Covid-19. It seems that as long as the public is ill informed, everyone comes out of the woodwork to sell whatever they can, just for the buck. I picked up a small container of "hand sanitizer" on a display in front of the checkout and as a consumer, and at one time, a researcher, I read the ingredients. It listed Aloe Leaf Juice, water, glycerine and fragrance. No alcohol. On another display were hundreds...

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The Doctors Antimicrobials

The EPA has published a table of the most effective disinfectants (List "N"), comparing 374 products on the market that claim to kill Covid-19, Many of these products have duplicate ingredients; some contain alcohol only; some are for industrial use; others are for food use. There are may products for surface wipe applications that have same efficacy as other products and differ only in quantity per cannister or price. Nothing else. Other products are listed by manufacturers but the same product may be sold by a private label vendor.  Disinfecting will bring down the number of pathogens and help to avoid bacterial infections. Others can only be killed by steam sterilization and that is not practical for home use. Practicing...

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