The Reality of Invasive MicroOrganisms

With advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is frightened to distraction. The virus and the publicity around the virulence of the virus has put the world's population in a panic mode, buying everything that might be used to kill the      Covid-19 virus or protect one from being infected by the virus.

But viruses, bacteria, spores, are everywhere. In the air, your food, your pets. They are transmitted and remain on surfaces you touch every day (door knobs, doors, windows, copy machines, computers, pens, pencils. They are transmitted by touching, live in your nostrils, on your hands, on  your skin, in your hair on your food, in your drinking water and if your health is the slight bit compromised - they can multiply and kill you. And today's Covid-19 or coronovirus is just one of many coronoviruses that is particularly virulent and has driven the world to distraction.

In a panic mode, people depleted every market, vendor, online marketer of the most popular or well advertised germicides and not because it works but because they believe the advertising and will snap at anything. Is it any wonder that we cannot get "hand sanitizer" anywhere. Granted, many of the products marketed do kill bacteria but as germs mutate, or appear from nowhere, these products have limited use. Washing of hands is popular. It does work for some things but not airborne virus drops so masks are worn but nobody realizes that the virus lives on both smooth and porous surfaces including masks. Alcohol works on some bacterium but not on others (Purell and other hand sanitizers are mostly alcohol but Purell's claims tended to stretch the truth about their efficacy until the EPA told the manufacturer to cease and desist from such claims). Aggressive marketers who sell and re-market products made to copy the most popular or well known products are mostly concerned with selling products and earning profits and know little as to their effectiveness or mode of action. 

The EPA has 365 plus products listed that are of different chemical compositions that will have different kill rates and scope of effectiveness. Some use alcohol as a base (limited), or chlorine products (effective in certain circumstances), quaternary ion based products (very effective) for certain surface borne micro-organims but not effective for sterilization. There is a difference between a product that sterilizes and one that is bacteriocidal. Invasive procedures require sterilization and office or home cleaning require bacteriocidal procedures. Some products are available to the general public at your local supermarket. Most effective germicides are not. Most product sold in chain drug stores and supermarkets are packaged in low quantity and are relatively more expensive. You can purchase more effective products for use at home or in your business at They tend to be more effective and less expensive and although they are directed toward healthcare professionals, they are available to the public. 

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